Cyberpunk and Science Fiction




Paperview IV: Nostalgia @ Blackhouse, Lipa City, Batangas

Doodlefest: Worlds @ ASpace Gallery, Makati, Metro Manila

Monster Mashup @ Glitch Singapore, Singapore


Barong Tagalog: Buhay na Walang Hanggan @ VinylOnVinyl Gallery, Makati, M.M.

Doodlefest: Deck of Doodles @ ASpace Gallery, Makati, M.M.


Barong Tagalog: Probable Impossibilities @ VillageArt Gallery, ATC, Muntinlupa, M.M.

DoodleFest: DoodleTravelsPH @ ASpace Gallery, Makati, M.M.


Paperview V: Disorder @ Bigben Complex, Lipa City, Batangas


Self/Portray CVTY Group Show (June 1) @ Art Underground, Mandaluyong, M.M.

Unrealism (Sept. 20) @ Art4Space&UrbanChic Galleries, ATC, Muntinlupa, M.M.

Salamin (Dec. 15) @ Secret Fresh, San Juan, M.M.

Bugkos (Dec. 20) @ Art4Space&UrbanChicnGalleries, ATC, Muntinlupa, M.M.


Existence: Cavity Collective 10th Anniversary Show (Feb. 8), Space Encounters Gallery, Pasig, M.M.

Digital and Traditional Illustrator

Qwark is one of those people who grew old but never grew up; in a creative sense that is. A self-taught, multidsciplinary artist based in Batangas City, Philippines, Qwark takes on his own questions regarding human nature, behavior and purpose, speculating on how these change overtime and how our choices to react, mundanely or not, affect the causal chain and everyone else who is tangled in it.

These figments and speculations he then translates into his own visual style with his fondness of assembly and diagrams, street culture, trinkets and tabletop boardgames. This detailed, meticulous nature of his process allows Qwark to create a whimsical, vividly colorful and slightly esoteric image of the world that transpires around him.

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